International meetings provide an opportunity to showcase Toronto to the world, enhancing the city’s strong key sectors and image. Hosting international conferences is one of the best tools for attracting global expertise and investment into our key sectors.

New global relationships and research collaborations lead to the development of new products and science innovation in Toronto when we invite the world through meetings and events.

We can all be Ambassadors of our city and tell the “Toronto Story” worldwide. Supporters of the Leaders Circle are part of the collective effort to build Toronto’s global reputation, and put a spotlight on the groundbreaking institutions, world-leading research, and the diverse pool of talent that make up our great city.

  • Promote Toronto’s reputation internationally to your global network
  • Through your communications, endorse the value and benefit of business events
  • Share your industry achievements that we can use to further Toronto’s global reputation
  • Gather letters of support and provide sector knowledge to strengthen conference bids
  • Be a mentor to others in the network who may be new to hosting a meeting
  • Attend networking opportunities at Leaders Circle events
 Program Supporters
Reza Moridi

“The Leaders Circle is an invaluable resource for the city in that it successfully elevates the profile of Canadian research and institutions, as well as creates opportunities for future collaboration.”

The Honourable Dr. Reza Moridi,Former Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation, Honourary Ambassador

“The provincial government proudly supports the establishment of such a distinguished assembly of Canadian leaders and experts in their fields.”

The Honourable Michael CoteauFormer Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture And Sport

“TO Health! is about collaboration among industry leaders and investment in the future economic competitiveness and health of the Toronto region. It is important that we continue to attract strong strategic partners who share in our vision, which will ultimately result in growth, prosperity and opportunities for the region.”

Paul Lepage,TOHealth! Co-Chair, President of TELUS Health